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In the current issue of Annals of Modern'll find the expected mix of instructive and enlightening articles. Volume III, Number One of MMI's journal includes contributed poetry, as well as many thought-provoking articles.

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Featuring "Echoing Narcissus: An Elementary Lesson in Modern Psychoanalysis" by Demetria DeLia; "Transference and Countertransference from a Modern Psychoanalytic Perspective" by Elissa Lin Rathe; "The Resolution Of The Narcissistic Transference In Modern Analysis" by David Pauley; "The Metaphoric Significance Of Object-Oriented Inquiry" by Alan Barnett; "A Modern Analytic Treatment of Death Wishes in the Elderly" by Andrew Stein; "Working with the Difficult Patient" by Natalie Z Riccio; "Marketing Psychotherapeutic Expertise" by Elliott Schuman, and book reviews. Published semiannually, individual subscriptions are $60.00 per year for online and hard copy; $50.00 for hard copy only; $30.00 per year for online only. Back issues, highly recommended while they last, are $25.00; call or email for availability.

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