Mission Statement

Freud in Beyond the Pleasure Principle posited a theory of aggression. Modern analysis extended Freud's dual drive theory to the preodipal phase of human development and pathology. Our mission is to offer courses in the history, theory and technique of psychoanalysis; provide intensive training in Hyman Spotnitz's Modern Psychoanalysis, which extends Freud's work to include a theory of aggression and corresponding technique; create a learning experience that derives from emotional as well as intellectual learning; and certify qualified candidates as modern psychoanalysts in individual and group modalities.
To maintain and encourage high professional standards for the practice of psychoanalysis in compliance with external accreditation requirements.
To provide modern psychoanalytic training for such additional specialized areas as child and family, modern group psychoanalysis, marriage, addiction, gerontology, pedagogy, business applications and others.
To develop and provide community outreach programs on a variety of mental health topics such as parenting, relationships, conflict resolution and career guidance.
To develop and maintain a learning environment in which each student can progress at his or her own pace to gain competency through both experiential and cognitive learning.
To plan and establish a treatment service, including fieldwork placement and child and family components.
To provide students with encouragement and opportunity to earn advanced degrees.

To learn more about modern psychoanalysis and the Mid-Manhattan Institute, please contact us, call 212-799-8558, or write to us at 239 Central Park West, Suite 1AS, New York, NY 10024. Table of Contents Discussion Forums