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Dr. Jane Goldberg Seminar Review

On April 26, 2002 at the Friends Seminary Black Box Theater, Jane Goldberg, PhD, presented a very successful seminar entitled "Passionate Inferno: Relationships of Love." Click here to read Adam Shechter's review of the event.

LICMPS Dinner Dance Honors Dr. Benito Perri

The Long Island Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies is pleased to announce a dinner dance in honor of Dr. Benito M. Perri, on May 11. Dr. Perri was first introduced to Modern Analysis in 1972. He has been actively involved in its promotion, teaching and supervision at a number of institutions ever since including the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies, Mid-Manhattan Institute, Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis, International university in St. Kitts, Rockland Instltute for Psychoanalysis and Riverdale Seminars. Most notable to those of us at LICMPS has been having Dr. Perri as the founder of our institute in 1992. AIthough we are saddened as his role as our Fxecutive Director comes to an end, we wish him luck as he condinues to share his personal growth and many years of knowledge to help broaden the scope of others. Please join us on May 11, at the Tam O'Shanter Country Club in Brookville, N.Y. as we thank Dr. Perri for all of his contributions. Call 516-942-0481 for more information and to receive an invitation.

Award Dinner Report...

An enthusiastic crowd of Mid-Manhattan students, faculty and friends gathered on September 23rd, 2000 at the Jack Rose restaurant in Manhattan's theater district to participate in MMI's first annual Hyman Spotnitz award presentation dinner and benefit. The evening honored Dr. Leslie Rosenthal, widely esteemed modern group analyst, supervisor and founding faculty member of the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies.

The evening also featured a delicious dinner, a Chinese auction and raffle, and live music. Participants had the opportunity to purchase a handsome book conceived and executed by Dr. Joan Cela and edited by Dr. Deborah Bershatsky, containing a collection of vignettes and reminiscences of Dr. Rosenthal written by friends, relatives and colleagues. Some were autographed by both Dr. Rosenthal and Dr. Spotnitz. Additional copies are available at MMI, and may be ordered online by clicking here.

Dr. Rosenthal, who during the evening was surrounded by family members, friends and colleagues, accepted his award from MMI Directors Drs. Deborah and Charles Bershatsky to a standing ovation. Dr. Spotnitz, although unable to attend the ceremony in person, was a palpable presence through his videotaped tribute to Dr. Rosenthal. The two have known each other since they met in the early 1950's at the Bronx office of the Jewish Board of Guardians.

Several moving speeches, moderated by MMI Trustee Allan Jay, preceded the award and imparted a feeling of warmth, humor and appreciation, which pervaded the evening. Speakers included Drs. Evelyn Liegner, Arnold Bernstein, Herb Strean, Murray Sherman, and David Rosenthal. All the speakers presented vignettes of their experiences with Dr. Rosenthal - as colleagues, friends, and, from David Rosenthal, as a son.

Dr. Rosenthal's acceptance speech sparkled with memories about his early training and experiences with colleagues. Reflections about being a father and grandfather offered a glimpse of his unique understanding and appreciation of the world of children. Laughter greeted Dr. Rosenthal's story of how he followed a supervisor's advice early in his training and made interventions that resulted in two of his patients fleeing treatment.

Thanks to generous contributions the evening was a financial success as well. The benefit was outstandingly organized by MMI student Mary Dowling with help from a large and hard-working committee.

Nancy Stiefel

SMP Conference

The Society of Modern Psychoanalysts Annual Luncheon and Meeting was held Sunday, May 7, 2000, at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Dr. Ted Laquercia, as guest speaker, spoke about the development of psychoanalytic training in the last 100 years, beginning with Freud and noting the enormous impact of the work of Theodore Reik, Hyman Spotnitz, and Phyllis Meadow, the proliferation of modern psychoanalytic institutes in the 1970's, and their contributions in developing modern analytic training. Particularly affecting was his anecdote about the exponential impact that one analysis can have in the world. We, as analysts, are in an exciting and still developing field, with more research and dynamic student involvement needed to expand the work already begun.

A touching tribute was offered to member, colleague, and friend Carol Brod, who had passed away the night before.

The luncheon was deliciously prepared and beautifully served, the atmosphere of camaraderie supportive, the exchange of ideas intriguing. As one spouse of a member expressed, "I always discover some intellectually stimulating ideas here." Most of the member institutes were represented, including BGSP, CMPS, PCNJ, LICMPS and MMI. Please come join your colleagues at the next SMP gathering, and add your voice to this cooperative effort. Also please visit the society's website at www.socmodpsychoanalysts.com for more information about SMP and membership.

Leslie Quinn, Student Rep., MMI

Dr. Charles Bershatsky in Russia

In October, 1999, Dr. Charles Bershatsky lectured in St. Petersburg, Russia at a workshop entitled, "Modern Psychoanalysis" as part of MMI's certificate program at the East-European Psychoanalytic Institute. His presentations included the five Modern Psychoanalytic categories of resistance and how they are handled; the Modern analytic understanding of transference; and the development and recognition of the negative narcissistic transference. He reports that he had remarkable success in getting students to talk despite the language barrier and the use of interpreters. The program was led by Dr. Harold Stern who is the founder. Last month the MMI Board of Trustees voted to grant a certificate in psychoanalytic psychotherapy to the Russian students. Following is a letter from Dr. Stern:

Dear Deborah and Charles,

I might have again neglected to write you except that a few times students in this weekend workshop requested that we perform as Charles did when he was here. Charles and Hans Dorn put on an impressive show that I could not replicate, try as I might. Our Mid-Manhattan program in Russia seems to be a great success and with an outcome that Modern Psychoanalysis may have more following there than in the states. In any case it is a noble venture. I am sure that Phyllis Cohen will give you a very full report. I regret not have been able to make more responses to your good efforts with a web site. Perhaps once I get unpacked, etc., I can give more time to it.

       With very best wishes,
           Harold Stern

NEW! Volume II, No. 2
of Annals of Modern Psychoanalysis...

...is now available in print and online! Featuring "A Study of Childhood Bereavement" by Robert Quackenbush; "The Object-Oriented Question in Treatment and Everyday Life" by Joan Cela; "A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing: Cross-Dressing in a Case Study of a Five-Year-Old Boy" by Stanley Hayden; "Creating a Sense of Safety in a Memory-Impaired Patient Through Strategic Emotional Communication" by Patricia Harte Bratt; "Clinical Notes: The Teflon Analyst, The Court Jester and The Bozo Intervention" by Richard Cheney; "Maternal Conflicts Activated by the Child's Separation-Individuation: A Maturational Opportunity" by Valerie R. L. Frankfeldt; "Anaclitic Countertransference" by Paul Geltner; "Transference Phenomena in Group Therapy" by Muriel L. Sackler; "Integrating Children's Drawings in Modern Psychoanalytic Child Treatment" by David Pauley, and book reviews. It's instructive and entertaining reading for anyone involved in Modern Psychoanalysis. Published semiannually, individual subscriptions are $50.00 per year for online and print copy; $40.00 for print copy only; $25.00 per year for online only; individual print copies are $25.00.

To subscribe online, click here. Institutional and subscribers outside of the United States, and those who prefer not to order via our secure server, please contact us by email at mmi@mmi.edu, call 212-799-8558, or write to us at 239 Central Park West, Suite 1AS, New York, NY 10024.

Dr. Benjamin David Margolis and Deborah Pessin Margolis

It is with profound sadness that we announce the death of one of the pioneers of Modern Psychoanalysis, Dr. Benjamin David Margolis on January 22, 2001. He was a brilliant communicator of modern psychoanalytic theory and technique, an elegant thinker, a stimulating and supportive teacher, and a man of great wisdom and kindness. His papers on modern psychoanalysis have taught generations of clinicians how to apply Dr. Spotnitz's techniques with narcissistic patients. He welcomed MMI into the community and was a champion of its directors, always encouraging them to step forward with their ideas. A man of capacious intellect and heart, he was unique and is completely unforgettable.

Dr. Margolis was followed in death five weeks later by his wife, Deborah Pessin Margolis, whom he met in high school. Deborah Margolis was a successful children's author and writer on psychoanalytic subjects whose last book was Freud and His Mother: Preoedipal Aspects of Freud's Personality.

We extend our heartfelt sympathy to their daughter, Helen and her husband, Mel, and to their family.

In Dr. Margolis' honor we are establishing a new scholarship fund to help selected candidates complete the training program. Donations to the Benjamin Margolis Scholarship Fund may be sent to:

MMI Executive Committee
239 Central Park West, Suite 1AS
New York, NY 10024

MMI Delegation Visits Russia

Dr. Charles Bershatsky, co-director of MMI, and MMI student Tom Tuthill joined Dr. Harold Stern on a recent trip to St. Petersburg, Russia. Both lectured at the EEPI (Eastern European Psychoanalytic Institute) and presented diplomas to Russian students completing a program in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Dr. Bershatsky was made an honorary professor at the EEPI. The following is a letter from Mikhail Reshetnikov, Director of EEPI:

Dear Charles,

I would like once again to tell you about my gratitude to you and Deborah for the perfect seminar and brilliant team of teachers. It was the best and most alive seminar, which I saw during all these years.

My separate gratitude to Deborah for the excellent certificates.

And one more gratitude - from me and my wife - for wonderful coffee.

I remember our preliminary arrangement to continue our cooperation, but I shall write about these questions in addition.

I embrace you.

     With all my respect and best wishes,
     Mikhail Reshetnikov

MMI Hosts Meet And Greet

A successful Meet and Greet was held on January 28th. The faculty enjoyed spending the afternoon with current students and meeting prospective students many of whom signed up for courses on that day.

New Faculty

Two new additions to the faculty have been announced: Dr. Lynne Laub, and Dr. Ed Kramer.

Dr. Hyman Spotnitz Videotape

Copies of the videotaped interview, "Conversations with Dr. Hyman Spotnitz on Modern Group Psychoanalysis," with MMI Directors, Drs. Deborah and Charles Bershatsky are still available. Don't miss out. Order online, or call for your copy at (212) 799-8558. Credit cards accepted.

Curriculum Reorganization

MMI has reorganized its group training program which meets the certification standards of NAAP. This program in modern group psychoanalysis is both innovative and comprehensive. Our taped interview with Dr. Spotnitz has inspired our faculty to add to and revise our already established group courses to make our group program the most up-to-date and relevant in the field of modern psychoanalysis.

Dr. Deborah Bershatsky Heads Recruitment Subcommittee

Dr. Deborah Bershatsky, member of The Society of Modern Psychoanalysts's Board of Trustees, is now heading the Recruitment Subcommittee of the Membership Committee and has begun a rigorous campaign to boost the membership of the Society.

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